Bio | English homework help

I need to write a personal/business biography about a business man growing up in the business world. And here is some information provided, list below. 

{Under 120 Words}

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Bio | English homework help
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{Catchy, needs to grab the customers eyes and attention}

Company: Matthews Savvy Real Estate

Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho

Current Town: Stockton, California, since 2010

Hobbies: Loves the outdoors, camping, running, hiking, beach, exploring new cities all over the world, exploring new restaurants (so ask me about local restaurants), real estate, photography, fashion (you can ask me for more questions), caring for others

Highlights: I have the resources that will help make your home buying experience pleasant as well as selling your home. 

Helpful Add-ons but not required:

  • I strive for customer service
  • I welcome everyone with open arms 
  • We are going to be family for life / We are family
  • Detail Oriented 
  • Please like my facebook page

You have any more questions, just ask away. 


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