Boy in the striped pajamas read ch 1-4 pp 1-38 (week 30)

Please read the first part of this novel,( Chapters 1-4, pages 1 – 38,)  and the material about setting then answer the questions below:

Narrative Elements:

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Boy in the striped pajamas read ch 1-4 pp 1-38 (week 30)
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_  Effective readers notice the important interactions between narrative elements. This includes how the setting—when and where a story takes place—shapes the characters. This helps readers better understand why the characters feel, think, speak, and act the way they do.

Features of setting: physical location (geography, neighborhood, house, etc.) time period, time of day, season, weather, social context.

Read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  Chapters 1-4:


1. How much do you learn about the setting of the story from the first chapter? 

2. What do you learn about Bruno, his home, and his family? 

3. Compare and contrast the setting in chapters 1 to the setting described in chapters 2-3. 

4. What is Bruno’s response to the move? 

5. How does Bruno feel about his new home? What evidence from the text supports your response? 


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