Bph499 module 1 discussion | Nursing homework help

Module 1 Discussion 

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The following guidance appears only in Module 1, but it applies to the discussions throughout the course:

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Bph499 module 1 discussion | Nursing homework help
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Please respond to the discussions as they relate to your area of public health emphasis (i.e., environmental & occupational health, healthcare administration, health education, or general public health).

Your comments will be graded on how well they meet the Discussion Requirements posted under “Before You Begin.”

As you review the literature regarding measles, what sources will you use to obtain the required information? What government websites will you explore? Are there local health statistics databases available? What are the first three things you will do as you begin working on an outbreak response plan? For example, will you begin by doing some research about the disease? Or would you begin by researching the literature on preventing/treating the disease among immigrant populations? Would you interview people familiar with the population? If so, who? Or would you do something else? Please explain your rationale.


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