Briefly outline (describe) and critique the experimental design of

From lab 2, you were asked to read two papers (with the associated data tables) about food deserts and food insecurity.  In the forum for Lab 2, you are to write one original post and then respond to two other posts.  For your original post, please address at least two of any of the following questions/ prompts:

Briefly outline (describe) and critique the experimental design of the study.  Are there any aspects of the design that you question or disagree with?

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Briefly outline (describe) and critique the experimental design of
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What is the most surprising/ interesting thing you found out by reading these papers?

What questions do you have after reading this article?  What would you like to learn more about?


Quiz 2 Forum

Do you have any interest/ questions about “alternative” diets?  Post thoughts/ resources/ discussion here!  Make a new thread for each type of diet.

Make sure you think about the quality of the source of the information.  Is it reliable?  How do you know?  What makes a source reliable?

What strategies do you suggest for solving dietary health disparities in communities?  How can you get yourself and others more involved?

Title your original post with the numbers of the two questions you are addressing.


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