Bsa 310 week 4 individual: mcbride marketing pitch

Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft course, watching the videos, independent student reading, and research.


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Bsa 310 week 4 individual: mcbride marketing pitch
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Complete the Skillsoft® course, “Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing.”


Watch the video, “Internet Marketing Basics.”


Watch the video, “YouTube Projects for Business and Marketing.”


Assignment: McBride Financial Services wants you to come up with a great marketing idea that can be used to expand McBride’s customer base.


Create a 3- to 5- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that presents your idea. Include the following information along with a detailed description and justification of your idea.


  • The market research you undertook to come up with your idea
  • The McBride target market your idea would appeal to


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