Bsop 434 week 7…………………..(bsop 434 logistics with lab –

  • BSOP 434 Week 7 Lab Assignment
  • BSOP 434 Week 7 Homework Assignment

Chapter 10
Question 1: Distinguish between warehouses and distribution centers.
Question 4: What is cross-docking? How might it affect warehousing design?
Question 6: What are the advantages and disadvantages of private warehousing?
Question 11: Discuss the trade-offs associated with order-picking versus stock-replenishing functions.
Question 18: How might the storage of hazardous materials affect the design of a warehousing facility?

  • BSOP 434 Week 7 Discussions

Discussion 1
Discuss the differences between facility layouts for office, production, and warehouses. How does the layout of a warehouse impact the effectiveness and efficiency of a warehouse?
Discussion 2
Warehouse Management System 
What is a warehouse management system (WMS)? What are the benefits and downfalls of a WMS in a warehousing operation?

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Bsop 434 week 7…………………..(bsop 434 logistics with lab –
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