Budget impact evaluation presentation | Business & Finance homework help


o    Create a 2 slide impact evaluation power point presentation that considers the following issue:

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Budget impact evaluation presentation | Business & Finance homework help
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Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) is an entitlement program based on specific criteria and income levels, which means it is a mandatory program that must be provided in each of the states. Traditionally, both the states and the federal government pay for the program. In times when the U.S. economy suffers challenges, such as high rates of unemployment or when a major crisis like Hurricane Katrina occurs, more individuals and families become eligible for Medicaid. This forces states to make difficult budgetary decisions, like shifting dollars from programs that are not mandatory such as K-12 school funding, into Medicaid Match dollars.


1.    How do budgetary changes (increases or decreases) affect the community???




2.    How does the policy budget process in your selected state have an impact on the health care environment? Give specific examples??



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