Bus week 4 discussion document each one at least 100 words

Bus week 4 discussion document 

Each one at least 100 words

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Bus week 4 discussion document each one at least 100 words
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1.Negative Direct Responses(Due date: On Thursday at 10:00a.m.)

Discuss an example of a time (or situation) when directness was appropriate in your response giving negative information. Why was it appropriate to use a direct response instead of an indirect response?

2. Company Policy(Due date: On Friday at 9:00a.m.)

Often times companies will explain an adjustment refusal simply by saying that company policy did not permit granting claims in such cases. Is this explanation adequate? Discuss.

3. Scenario(Due date: On Saturday at 9:00a.m.)

Brian Kerry is the public relations director for Billings Industries, a company that has a large campus with beautiful gardens and a park-like setting. Falling Water Sounds, a local arts organization, wants to host a summer concert series on the company’s campus where people can bring their friends and families, enjoy a picnic, and listen to a variety of music groups. Falling Water Sounds wanted to have the concert series in city parks, but people cannot bring alcohol into city parks, and Falling Water Sounds wants people to be able to enjoy whatever food and drink they want to bring to the concert and does not anticipate a rowdy crowd or illegal activity. The goal is to get families and friends together for an evening of music.

Brian envisions families enjoying a concert on the company’s campus; he thinks this is a great opportunity for the company to be a good citizen and to promote the company’s presence in the community. However, Brian decides to deny the request. Discuss at least one reason why Brian might deny the request. Assume the role of Brian and discuss how you would explain and justify your decision.






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