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A business wants to share its customer account database with its trading partners and customers, while at the same time providing prospective buyers with access to marketing materials on its Web site.  Assuming that the business is responsible for running all these network components, what types of security components (for example, firewalls, VPN, etc.) could be used to ensure that the partners and customers have access to the account information and others do not?  What type of network configuration (for example, bastion gateway server) will provide the appropriate security?  Be sure to include your rationale for each security component as well as the type of network.  The post should be a minimum of 200 words.


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business | Information Systems homework help
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Your businesses network border is the point where your organizations managed network interfaces with un-trusted networks. From a defense in depth perspective, the network perimeter encompasses every point where the internal network is connected to networks and hosts that are not managed by the organization’s IT team. This includes connections to the Internet, business partners, virtual private networks (VPN), and dial-up connections. The types of devices found in the perimeter include VPN clients and VPN servers, remote access servers (RAS) and RAS clients, border routers, firewalls, network intrusion detection systems (NIDS), and proxy servers. To allow partners access to the information, the company would probably set up a virtual private network (VPN).  This reduces the chances of hackers obtaining access to the communications between the companies. (Turban, King, & Lang, 2011) Well-designed and properly implemented network architecture provides highly available, secure, scalable, manageable, and reliable services. A network segment consists of two or more devices that communicate with each other on the same physical or logical section of the network. Organizations can take a number of steps to protect their internal network by using a defense-in-depth approach. Techniques include securing wireless LANs, Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), and network segmentation.


Access control defines which users should have access to certain resources and how they can use those resources (Turban, King, & Lang, 2011).


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