[business] library research assignment | Reading homework help

Find journal and magazine articles, online books and company information in our database collections.


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[business] library research assignment | Reading homework help
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On campus and Off campus access instructions-


1. tyoe in the internet address for the centennial college Libraries, library.centennialcollege.ca

2.select the link : E-resources & E-Books

3. choose a database by: Title subject or type.

4. click on the database name


Seleted Database Collections


ALL-IN-ONE search

search everthing, is configured to search the majority of our databases and catalogue in a single search



Business Insights: Global

Business Source Complete

CBCA Business Module (Canadian Business and Current Affairs)

Lexis Nexis Academic


Canadian Statistics




Effective Keyword Searching

Before entering keywords in the search box, it is useful to write down several words that best describe your research topic. Use a thesaurus, if necessary, to generate more words.


These desciptive words can then be connected by using words such as and to form meaningful search statements.


AND e.g. communication and downsize

Keywords connected by the AND operator will find articles that contain both of the keywords.




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