Business model | Business & Finance homework help

This assignment was done previously by someone else. However I received a very low grade for it. Please see attachment and add/ fix what you can. 


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Business model | Business & Finance homework help
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Use references listed in the powerpoint.


This assignment invites an analysis of two alternative models: a purely profit-oriented model versus a triple bottom line model. The differences are based on the relative importance of the objectives for profits, planet, and people.

Taking the role of an educational consultant, prepare a presentation including speaker notes. In the presentation, outline two alternative business models using the specified example.

  • For the purely profit-motivated model, address the following:
    • Discuss the pressure exerted by the stock market on publicly traded companies as well as the structure of stock securities including voting rights.
    • Discuss how these influences would encourage a focus on pure profits and what that could mean for other stakeholders of the company.
  • For the alternative business model aligned with the needs of people and planet, address the following:
    • Read the 2010 Sustainability Responsibility Report of Coca-Cola HBC available from the following link:
    • Illustrate the concepts of aligning a business model with the needs of the people and the planet with reference to the report.
  • Compare the two models using the Coca-Cola HBC as an example.

Develop an eight- to ten-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards for writing style to the speaker notes.


Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Evaluated the impact of the stock market on organizational decision making in the purely profit-motivated business model.


Evaluated the impact of profit-driven organizational decision making on stakeholders.


Explained how a business model can be aligned to the needs of the people and the planet using the specified sustainability report.


Compared the two models using the specified example.


Developed a professional presentation using appropriate style, tone, audience, and word choice. APA standards were applied to speaker notes.


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