Business writing: customer service letter

Part 1: F&#K!  Now I am REALLY PI$*ED OFF…(a Customer Service Rant Exercise)

Take a few moments to recall a business situation that REALLY angered you.  Did you miss a test/important event because of the CTA’s “fashionable” service?  Did a coworker scapegoat you for his/her irresponsibility?  Was a salesperson really rude to you?  Does your mobile plan (and customer service) just plain suck?

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Business writing: customer service letter
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Take 10-15 minutes and write EXACTLY what you wanted to say to the person/company that angered you.  Write whatever you want.  Write as if there is no repercussion.  Scream, rant, swear – get it out of your system!  Do not worry about being professional!

Part 2:  Now … Make It Professional

Using the Customer Service Letter Rant Exercise as a model, create a professional complaint letter. Write your rant first and then your professional revision underneath it.

Remember to include ALL elements of a standard business letter (see the Customer Service Letter Example for illustration). Before drafting your letter, consider:

The emotionally charged words you wrote as your initial reaction to the situation.

How can you make these words clear, concise, correct, and courteous?

How can you reword your original rant to achieve a positive, professional resolution?

What critical details does your audience need to take action on your complaint?


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