Busn420 week 1 assignment | Human Resource Management homework help

BUSN420 Week 1 Assignment


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Busn420 week 1 assignment | Human Resource Management homework help
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                This paper is aboutproviding employee training for members of our department who have interactions with the legal department. I’ll try to keep this paper as informal and understandable as it gets. Nevertheless, concerning the topics discussed, it is expected for you to have questions after reading this paper. I strongly recommend looking at references section at the end of the paper. Feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad if I can clarify these terms in more detail if I can.

                As a start to this series of training document primers, I’ll try to answer the following questions in short:

1.       What is common law

2.       What are the sources of American law?

3.       What is the importance of precedent to the judicial decision-making process?

4.       What are equitable and legal remedies?


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