Cafeteria benefit election exercise | Human Resource Management homework help

You need to complete an election form for each scenario.  Then you need
write a narrative summary of WHY you made the elections you chose.

In Scenario 1 you have 1,000 benefit credits / dollars (Bene Credits) to use
to elect the various benefit options.  Given the circumstances outlined in
the scenario, is it important enough to “spend” 150 benefit credits (15% of
your credits) to elect dental insurance?  If so enter 150 in the “Your
Election” column. 

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Cafeteria benefit election exercise | Human Resource Management homework help
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Next you need to evaluate if purchasing one or two additional floating
holiday (this would afford you additional paid time off) are with the
expense. If so, you would enter 50 or 100 in the “Your Election” column.
Continue making elections consistent with the scenario.  When you have made
all of your elections total the amount of Bene Credits you have used.   As
the form states if you elect more benefits than your allowance of “Bene
Credits” your pay will be reduced.  

After making all your elections – you need to explain (in not less than 250
words) why you made the elections for that scenario.  

Repeat the same steps for each of the three scenarios.  


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