Cameron’s fba/bip | English homework help

Cameron’s  FBA/BIP

Behaviors evaluating: Getting out of seat
Location: Home session with therapist
Observation day setting events: Just started preschool, has a new in-home therapist

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Cameron’s fba/bip | English homework help
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The subject in this FBA is  a 4 year old boy diagnosed with Autism. The Functional assessment takes place in his home for 2 days with his mom and his new Therapist. The Antecedent is Back to school and new Therapist. Most of his behaviors are getting out of sit when demand is placed.

Target Behavior

Data Analysis



1.Identify and describe at least one intervention strategy/antecedent control. What is a potential antecedent intervention? Explain in detail.

2. Replacement Behavior – Potential Antecedent Interventions

3.Decrease problem behavior – Potential Consequence Interventions
Identify and describe at least one evidence based intervention strategies/consequence controls, what is a potential consequence intervention (extinction, DRO, DRA).

4. Assignment Reflection
• How does this FBA assignment enhance your understanding of problem behavior, indirect and direct assessment measure, developing a functional hypothesis, planning for interventions?


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