Can anyone write a 700 word paper over pulp fiction?

I need someone who can write a 700 word paper but i need done by 1500 CST.

down below are questions that need to be answered but only 4 out of 6 need to be answered 

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Can anyone write a 700 word paper over pulp fiction?
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  1. Who is the movie’s protagonist? What factors and needs motivate or complicate their actions? Can you characterize each of them according to their depth (round characters versus flat) and motivation?
  2. What is the narration of the movie? Does it use a narrator of any kind? Does this movie use omniscient, restricted, or unrestricted narration? Explain.
  3. Carefully reconstruct the narrative structure of the movie. What is the inciting incident (or point of attack)? What goal does the protagonist pursue? How does the protagonist’s need influence that pursuit? What obstacles (including the crisis) does the protagonist encounter, and how does she or he engage them?
  4. Give two examples of nondiegetic elements in this film.
  5. Are the plot events presented in chronological order? What is the significance of the order of plot events in the movie?
  6. What repetitions or recurring images exist in the movie?  What is their purpose in the narrative?


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