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Your future financial needs will be based on the income you can reasonably expect to receive in your field and planning.

Assignment Information

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Using the template provided, estimate what your budget may look like in the future. Include expenses such as:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Continuing education
  • Certification and Recertification
  • Field or Lab Equipment
  • Any other needs to maintain professional credibility and marketability

This is the Template


CS204 Budget Worksheet


Monthly Expenses


Mortgage or rent


Taxes: property


Money to Savings Account






Health bills (not covered by insurance)


Car loan


Car expenses


Credit card bills


School loans


Other loans


Professional equipment expenses


Other professional development expenses


Child care




Children’s Education













Total Monthly Expenses:




Yearly Income:


Monthly Income from Job:


Any other monthly income (child support, dividends, and interest):




Total Monthly Income*:

Text Box: *Divide your annual income by 12 to determine what your monthly income will be based on your potential yearly salary. 



Total Monthly Income:


Total Monthly Expenses:










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