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The research paper (for research article review) should not be review articles, popular press articles, or research summaries. You must start with a “first hand” research paper.” To find such reports look in the academic journals! The chosen research paper must have author(s), title, methodology, results, discussion of results, and a reference list. The research summary, for presentation, of each academic paper should include: (a) title of the paper (b) source of publication (c) name of author(s) (d) summary of the paper (including number of subjects, methodology, statistical procedure, results and findings). This information should be listed on the power point slides in your own words (can not be copied and pasted from the article). A copy of each research article needs to be submitted with your report. For presentation you are to review the basic concepts, facts and principles of the chosen topic, and review recent (not more than 5 years old) research relevant to your chosen topic. There should be approximately an 85:15 (concepts & facts : research) time balance in your presentation. Multiple references should be used for prepration of this presentation (ideally 10 to 20). In addition to the class presentation you are to provide a brief study guide (it can be in a point form) for your classmates and instructor. A copy of your power point presentation could be handed-in as a study guide. In the study guide you need to provide multiple choice exam questions with  6 answers (minimum 3 per presentation participant). Some of these questions or similar questions will be on your final exam. For feedback to the presentation group, an outline of presentation (preview of slides and content) MUST be provided to the instructor a few days prior to the presentation date. This can be done by dropping by my office with your presentation materials. Any recommended changes should be made to enhance the quality of the presentation. Students will not be allowed to present without instructor’s feedback. Evaluation of this assignment will include the degree of research exhibited, the format and quality of the classroom presentation, the submitted study guide and multiple choice questions. Study guide and questions are due at the start of your presentation. A computer copy (word document or power point document) on a USB or an e-mail, with answers to multiple choice questions, should be provided to instructor for posting of your study guide onto the Blackboard. Guide and questions will not be accepted after the presentation and a zero (0) grade for that portion of the assignment will be awarded. You (and each member in your group) must begin your topic negotiation with the instructor by an email or face-to-face, during 2nd week of classes. You must email using your MacEwan e-mail account. Topics will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, on the basis of e-mail date/time stamps. On your e-mail include names (first and last) of your group members, and choice of three topics arranged from first choice to third choice. Failure to negotiate a topic by February 1st will result in a deduction of 5% of final grade. Each group members will get the same grade for this assignment, unless group member(s) feel that certain individual(s) did not contribute equally. All group members are expected to make verbal contribution to the class presentation. Failure to verbally present will result in a deduction of individual grade on the assignment. Check Blackboard for evaluation criteria.

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Cancer topic | Education homework help
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