Capital budgeting and projections june 2018


MUST BE COMPLETED by 1200 noon  05 June 2018

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Capital budgeting and projections june 2018
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HCM IP 3 Capital Budgeting and Projections June 2018 

Assignment Description

Perform an internet search for a current health care organization of your choice (preferably publicly traded for-profit organizations because these organizations must report all financial data and make it available to the public). In your search, select and evaluate the report of the financial information from the past 4 quarters or more. Complete the following for this assignment: 


  • Predict      the effect of changes in all financial metrics to changes in a proposed      strategic plan in your chosen organization for the following 3 scenarios:
    • Payer mix       changes from 50% Medicare and 5% Medicaid patients to 70% Medicare and       10% Medicaid patients in 1 year.
    • Professional       turnover goes from 5% annually to 10% annually.
    • Demand for       services increases 20% in 1 year
  • Search      course materials including your text and the Internet for assistance in      completing applicable financial calculations for this assignment.
  • Using the statements that you      located, provide a financial plan      that will do the following:
    • Create       projected financial statements to analyze effects of alternate operating       assumptions on the firm’s financial condition
    • Determine the       projected financial requirements that will be needed to support each of       the 3 sets of alternate operating instructions
    • Forecast the       financial sources that might be needed to support your alternative       assumptions
    • Assess the       projected results using a financial condition analysis to the forecasted       data
  • Provide      appropriate spreadsheets such as Projected Income Statement and Projected      Balance Sheets to validate your projected assumptions.
  • Consider      the effect of the following factors to justify the changes that may be      needed to the strategic plan as a result of your analysis:
    • Validity of data in the decision-making process
    • Revenue growth rate
    • Capacity
    • Rate of turnover

The body of the resultant ORIGINAL ——-NON PLAGIARISED  DOCUMENT paper should be 8 pages and should include at least 5 relevant academic or professional references published in the LAST 5 years.


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