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Case study 

Case brief Students will collaborate in small groups and analyze a legal scenario in class. One legal case will be ‘briefed’ individually and shared with the class. Brief a Case A brief is a document that essentially summarizes a court case or issue. Included in the syllabus are approximately 25 court cases. Please select one case and brief it. On the class day that corresponds to when your case is identified in the syllabus, you will be expected to discuss the case and answer questions. A brief should include the following components of a case: 1. the major facts 2. issue(s) 3. arguments from both parties 4. holding 5. ruling The difference between a holding and ruling is, a holding is akin to the take-away. What does the case represent and how does the case provide guidance for future situations that are similar to the present case? Whereas the ruling states how the judges/justices/jurists decided the case –Was it for the plaintiff or defendant? In whose favor did the court rule? The brief should be 2 pages in length. 

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Case law | Education homework help
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you should choose one of the cases:

· Florida ex rel. Hawkins v. Board of Control (1956) ·

 Plyler v. Doe (1982) · U.S. v. Fordice (1992) · 

Southeastern Community College v. Davis (1979) ·

 Franklin v. Gwinnett County (1992)


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