Case study 10/502 | Education homework help

Case Study – Pick TWO ONE

Review the information given to determine and identify the areas of need for the ONE student you have chosen to succeed in your classroom.  You will write up one case study as if it were an assessment report.  There should be at least two sections (with headings).  The first section (General Information and Explanation of Findings) will provide general information about the student, the assessments given, the results and findings.  In the second section (Impact on Academics and Recommended Interventions and Technology) you will provide recommendations for classroom intervention for each student. Things to consider: Impact on Reading; Writing; Spelling; Math; Science; Art; Music; P.E.. Also consider the types of technology that may be useful and strategies you might implement for each student.

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Case study 10/502 | Education homework help
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The Language Domains Curriculum Application Project Chart will be a great resource for this assignment.

A completed case study has been provided on Jeannine in the attachments, along with the case study used to complete it – so DO NOT use Jeannine as one of your assignments submissions.


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