Case study based on dementia care 30 bucks due in an hour

2 page Summary including

Discuss its challenges, goals, actions taken, problems faced, team members , results, lessons learned and next steps!!

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Case study based on dementia care 30 bucks due in an hour
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Casa Vita Memory Care Center






Casa Vita is in the process of being licensed by California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing and to accommodate 32 residents, under a dementia waiver.  Located in Orange County, Casa Vita is opening its doors to meet the growing need to serve residents afflicted with memory impairment.  As part of developing a plan of operations, Casa Vita will place emphasis on social enrichment, through the development of a comprehensive life enriching activity program.




In alignment with our mission statement, “Our goal is to provide a caring, homelike environment, which focuses on the resident’s physical, social and safety needs and the enhancement of his/her quality of life”, Casa Vita will create a comprehensive memory care program that will meet Title 22 Regulations 87219 (RCFE) and be integrated into the Plan of Operations.


In the creation of the life enriching activity program, Casa Vita will enlist and incorporate local vendors into the programming.




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