Case study on | Information Systems homework help


Please follow the below instructions for the case study.

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Case study on | Information Systems homework help
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4-5 pages(Body) exclusive of cover, abstract and reference pages (total of approximately 8-9 pages) 

• Pages must be numbered 

• Tables, charts, graphs and images are all welcome but are NOT included in the page total (although they will frequently contribute to a good grade!)

• Cover page must be APA compliant 

• Separate abstract page • Separate reference page 

• 12 point Times Roman font • Double spaced with 1” margins

The use of headers and sub-headers is strongly suggested

Please make sure the body covers the following points

• What is the issue? • What is the goal of the analysis? • What is the context of the problem? • What key facts should be considered? • What alternatives are available to the decision-maker? • What would you recommend — and why? 


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