Cash receipts process | Computer Science homework help

CASE A: Fred’s Electrical, Inc. (Cash Receipts Process)
Fred’s Electrical, Inc. sells electrical parts to electrical contractors in the northwestern United States. Fred’s customers mail their payments—attached to the stub (i.e., remittance advice [RA]) from their monthly statement—to Fred’s accounts receivable (AR) office. An AR clerk confirms that the check amount agrees with the amount on the RA and sends the checks to the cashier. The AR clerk prepares batch totals of the customer numbers, invoice numbers, and amount paid. The AR clerk then enters the batch totals and RAs into the computer, where the AR master data is updated to record the payment. The computer reconciles the batch totals, confirms job completion, and reports discrepancies, if any, to the AR clerk.
P 11-1 For the case assigned by your instructor, complete the following requirements:
a. Prepare a table of entities and activities.
b. Draw a context diagram.
c. Draw a physical data flow diagram (DFD).
d. Prepare an annotated table of entities and activities. Indicate on this table the groupings, bubble numbers, and bubble titles to be used in preparing a level 0 logical DFD.
e. Draw a level 0 logical DFD.

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Cash receipts process | Computer Science homework help
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