Cause and effect – mla format essay

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Cause and effect – mla format essay
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Cause and Effect is about showing the relationship between actions and consequences. Select one of the following prompts:


1. Consider the attitudes and character flaws behind a person choosing to drive under the influence. Create an argument that projects at least three major life-changing consequences of those attitudes and flaws. Do not list obvious or vague effects of driving under the influence (e.g., people can die; doing so will lead to alcoholism). Rather, focus on attitudes and faults of character exemplified by driving under the influence, and the behaviors and major life consequences over time that they cause.


2. Corporations strive to hire workers of different races, creeds, and genders to bring varied experience to their ranks. A company that successfully manages a diverse workplace has an advantage compared to one that doesn’t embrace diversity. Yet diversity entails some challenges to overcome even as it delivers a tangible number of benefits. Make an argument about the effects of workplace diversity. 


3. Describe or predict the effects of the difference in wages between men and women. Do

not oversimplify (e.g. “Women do not have as much disposable income as men.”) Instead,

make an argument about what specific results take place over time as women earn less

for working comparable jobs.


Instructions and Requirements:


The paper Must be MLA format and include a Works Cited page only from sources provided. It must be  4 – 5 pages. It must incorporate a minimum 2 sources and a minimum of three direct quotes and three uses of paraphrase and summary. At least one quote Must come  from the scholarly source, “The Effects of Hawaii’s Vast Diversity on Racial and Social Prejudices.” Chick the attachment. The remaining will come from one or both of the following non-scholarly sources: “The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap” ; and “Struggling To Live With A Night Of Death: A Drunken Ride, A Tragic Aftermath”




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