Cba analysis | Human Resource Management homework help

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Using the FSCJ – Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement that is posted in the Discussion Board, and relying on Chapters 7 and 8 for cited and page-referenced support to your answers, pick ONE of these questions and REPLY. You can select a question that has already been selected by another student.

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Cba analysis | Human Resource Management homework help
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For the question you have selected, be sure to do the following in your reply:

1. State the question (with number) that is presented below, then create a blank row before you begin your answer.

2. Also support your analysis with relevant language from Articles 26 and/or 27 from the FSCJ-Faculty Union Collective Bargaining record.


1. Wages/Salary: What wage differentials exist, if any, and why, in pay for the faculty who teach students at FSCJ? 


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