Cgs powerpoint career | Computer Science homework help

Here is the final list you can use to work on your My Story PPT Presentation Project:

File submitted as *.PPT or *.pptx

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Cgs powerpoint career | Computer Science homework help
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Project delivery demonstrates normal flow of your story

Includes full sentences narrative in Notes Pane (speaker notes)

Audio Recording of the presentation is provided for all slides (check how does it look/sound when running as a slide show)

Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors (review)

Carefully planned and varied font and format used to enhance readability and content

Used images and provided alt text

Story Title as Header and Page number as Footer

Animation and Transition included, Slide show duration is 3 to 5 minutes

Used one or two of 3d models/icons/shapes/, Text/Smart Art

Citation was provided utilizing one of the major style guides

Credit generously provided for images or ideas borrowed from others

Missed items will result in 5 to 10 point deductions, otherwise you can expect an A!

I am looking forward to the presentation!


1. Remember few words & short sentences  

2. take a look at what Microsoft Recommends:

I like soccer, I’m studying business, I love to serve the community, I want to be able to help families financially.


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