Chapter 2 – literature review and powerpoint presentation

Topic: Cloud Computing_Cloud Security

Chapter 2 Development

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Chapter 2 – literature review and powerpoint presentation
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Chapter 2 – Literature Review.  

You are expected to complete 5-10 pages of your Literature Review during this Residency session. 

This will include the use of the most current Dissertation Template (attached here) following APA7 guidelines. 

All work must be properly cited and referenced.

You must include at least five new peer-reviewed sources during this session.

PowerPoint Presentation

 Submit a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the 5-10 page literature review completed during this Residency Session.
The presentation must include the following slides at a minimum:

  • Cover
  • Topic and short description
  • Slides highlighting the 5-10 pages of the Literature Review completed
  • Slide identifing at least 5 new peer-reviewed sources researched and incorporated this week and why you feel they are relevant to your research topic.
  • References slide in APA format


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