Chapter 24 of janson’s history of art: art in the age of romanticism,

Choose two objects that are thematically related from Janson’s History of Art: Art in The Age of Romanticism, 1789–1848.

The two objects would be: “Jean-Baptiste Greuze. The Village Bride, or The Marriage: The Moment When a Father Gives His Son-in-Law a Dowry. 1761” and “Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Filial Piety, 1763”

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Chapter 24 of janson’s history of art: art in the age of romanticism,
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Write an essay of at least 450 words using 12 point font and double-spaced text) comparing the formal treatment and iconography of each work. Be sure to identify each object by indicating the artist, title, and date of production.  

Essay should address how similarities and differences contribute to your understanding of each work’s meaning or artistic significance. You should analyze these points: stylistic choices (e.g., abstract, naturalistic, idealistic, realistic), function or symbolism of the pieces (What were they used for? Do they communicate a message? Are they sacred or secular works of art), cultural context (e.g., how might the way of life at the time and place the pieces were created affected their function and style? Do historical events relate to the image or story depicted?).  You must cite at least one source that is not our text book.

Use Chicago-Turabian style notation for any sources that you need to document as references in footnotes. Double-space your text and list your name and the date in the header on the first page. In almost all cases, you should italicize the title of a work of art. 

An sample of Chicago-Turabian style is attached below!


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