Chapter 8 homework | Human Resource Management homework help

EXERCISE: DESIGNING A TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED ORIENTATION PROGRAM Imagine yourself as the only HRD professional working at the corporate offices of a 500-person global staffing firm. Your headquarters are in the United States, but you have employees working in many different locations (and even in different countries). Bringing people together in one location for new employee orientation isn’t practical, so you are considering setting up an online orientation program. What specific orientation content would you include in such a program? What training media would you want to use (see Chapters 5 and 6 to review)? What specific computer/technology issues must be addressed to make this program work? Your instructor has additional information on this scenario.

  • I Need it as it is in the solution manual for the book
  • I need explanation for the answers  
  • I need all the work to be middle-level vocabulary 
  • It is an EXERCISE not a paper

Werner, Jon M and DeSimone, Randy L., Human Resource Development, (6th edition), Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2012. ISBN: – 13: 978-0-324-57874-4

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Chapter 8 homework | Human Resource Management homework help
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