Checkpoint: chapter 8 programming problems week 7

If you can complete the assignment and complete it correctly let me know.


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Checkpoint: chapter 8 programming problems week 7
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Complete parts a and b of Programming Problems 1 on p. 444 in Ch. 8 of Prelude to Programming.

Provide the analysis and pseudocode only. No diagrams are required.


a. Input names of students from the user, terminated by ”ZZZ”,0,0,0, and

create a data file grades with records of the following form:

student (String), test1 (Integer), test2 (Integer), test3 (Integer)

b. Display the contents of the file grades created in Part a. Each student’s

record should appear on a separate line and include the total score (the

sum of the three tests) for that student. For example, a line of output

might be as follows:

R. Abrams 76 84 82 242


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