Cis223 course project… | Information Systems homework help

CIS223 Course Project. DUE MONDAY 12/08/2014 at 8pm New York time (SOLUTION.J…RIPED ME OFF, SO I CAN ONLY PAY $15) Be sure to Thank solution.j


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Cis223 course project… | Information Systems homework help
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•Write a five page paper on the topic.

•You should cite at least three sources, one of which may not be Wikipedia.  

•Include a small sample database relevant to whichever topic you choose.

 •View the Course Project Grading page to view how your project will be graded.   Keep in mind that the Writing Quality criterion includes grammar, syntax, spelling, as well as original content.




3. Large-scale database are available on several platforms.  Among those are MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.  Other than cost, why might an organization select MySQL over SQL Server or Oracle?  If cost is not a consideration, is there an obvious database platform selection in certain specific situations?  Even if cost is a consideration, what other factors come into play? 


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