Classroom assessment assignment | Education homework help


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Classroom assessment assignment | Education homework help
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Classroom Assessment Assignment:

  • Create a Task Analysis Chart for a life skill (should have at least 6 criterion)
  • Develop a Rubric that will help you assess the quality of the task you are assessing.  Review the provided Task Analysis power point in Module 7 for ideas on how to complete this.  Have fun with it-it can be any ‘everyday’ task-brushing your teeth, making an appointment via phone, making a sandwich etc.  Don’t over think this but do make a real effort to break down the task.  We often don’t realize how many steps it takes to complete a ‘basic’ task, but as special educators it is our job to break down things so that our students can become proficient and as independent as possible.  The rubric you will create will let them know how closely they approximated the goal.  
  • Write two of each test question using the information: True/False, Multiple choice, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank. For each describe how these meet the criteria for GOOD test questions.


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