Cmgt 442 week 3 risk assessment matrix

Assignment Preparation: Activities include watching the videos, the figure reviews, independent student reading, and research.


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Cmgt 442 week 3 risk assessment matrix
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  • Watch “Envisioning: Project Selection and Design:  Deriving your risk management approach” of the “Agile Project Management” video.
  • Watch “Exploring: Managing the Building Process: Managing issues and risks” of the “Agile Project Management” video.
  • Watch “Planning a project: Identifying risks” of the “Project Management Fundamentals” video.
  • Review Figure 3.2 of Project Risk Management.
  • Review Figure 35.1 of Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach.




Create a risk assessment matrix for the purchase and integration of six new web servers for a start-up Internet firm.


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