College level philosophy help!!!! due at 8 am tomorrow morning.

Below is the question. I only need 1 of the 3 qustions answered in a 500 words essay format. Please let me know if anyone can help. Upper Division College level. Due at 8:00 am tomorrow morning.


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College level philosophy help!!!! due at 8 am tomorrow morning.
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Part II. (approx 500 words each)


Consider the following case:


Candidate Peterson is running for Congress and has developed a campaign website.  In her biography Peterson has knowingly placed the false statement that she served in the United States Coast Guard.  Consequently, Peterson believes the following (P): “There is a false statement on my web page.”  Unbeknownst to her, however, hackers have surreptitiously replaced the false statement with the equally false claim that Peterson was once arrested for defacing a government building.  


1. Critically evaluate indefeasibility theory.  Include in your essay an explanation of Gettier’s challenge, the difference between indefeasibility and infallibility, and how indefeasibility would assess the above case, that is, whether or not, and why, they would evaluate (P) as an instance of knowledge.  


2. What does the new evil demon argument attempt to show?  How does Goldman respond?


3. What is the cognitive status of experience argument, and why is it an argument against modest foundationalism?  What is your assessment of the foundationalist response?



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