Comic | Education homework help

Today you will create a story (Eyewitness account) about the adventures of the (You pick a 2st Estate member or 3rd Estate member)  and how they went through the French Revolution.  

Your Comic Must have 

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Comic | Education homework help
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1.  A main character (2nd or 3rd Estate person) and their perspective

2.  The Character speaking about what is happening from the list below

3.  Direct Connection to the notes and ideas

4.  A description below the box

4 Box Comic on the French Revolution 

Box 1 – Taxes, Famine (Cause) 

Box 2 – National Convention / Storming of the Bastille (Start of Revolution)

Box 3 – Robespierre -Reign of Terror  / Guillotine (Crazy Revolution) 

Box 4 – Napoleon causes Nationalism and unification (Revolution Ends) 


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