communication breakdown | Information Systems homework help


Initech wishes to discuss how communication is going to work, both within the company as well as with other companies or clients. They are leaning toward using email as their main communication method, but they are open to considering other methods and they want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. In 4-7 slides, prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation that addresses communication to be used within Initech, as well as communication between Initech and your company. At a minimum address the following:

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communication breakdown | Information Systems homework help
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  • Email
    • How effective is email communication? How can it be improved?
    • Discuss other methods of communications and how they compare with email communications:
      • Chat
      • Phone
      • In-person
      • Memos
        Be sure to include at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each method as it compares to email communication.
  • How does tone affect written messages, such as email, chat, and memos? How might you ensure that an appropriate tone is being used?
  • What are the elements of technical writing? What are the elements of business writing? Are there differences in the way you would gather information for these two types of writing? Why or why not?
  • When would you write a status update? When would you write a business proposal? When would you write a technical document?

On each slide, create 5-9 bullet points summarizing your presentation. Then, utilizing the Notes feature of PowerPoint, expand upon the summary of each slide, using at least 150 words per slide. Use vocabulary and tone appropriate for your target audience–your client, Initech. If you used outside resources to support your content (for example, articles, charts, or images you use that are not your own), be sure to cite those sources.


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