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Women’s Health

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Community 101 | Nursing homework help
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1.  What types of differences in health care and maintenance have you noticed between men and women in the clinical setting? How do women’s approaches and behaviors seem to differ from men’s, if at all? When female family members are present, how does their involvement or behavior seem to differ from male family members’ involvement, if at all?

2.  What the most common health issues that affect women in your community? Give and discuss at least two examples.

3.  Why do you think that women tend to go their providers more than men do? Why might women be more comfortable with doctors and healthcare?

As stated in the syllabus please present your assignment in an APA format, word document, attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard title “week 10 discussion questions”.  You must used at least 2 evidence based references besides the class textbook.  A minimum of 500 excluding the first and last page are required.  Assignment will be graded base on the instructions given.


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