Compare bank between commonwealth bank and nab bank.


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Compare bank between commonwealth bank and nab bank.
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  • Focus on this (dividends) factor rather than interest rate or exchange rate, which is not so important.
  • Dividend is a potential in term of funding compare to the competitor.
  • For firms funding they must expect a long term funding rather than short term.

Other sources where we could find lots more related details are from commonwealth bank web official:

Some important area on commonwealth annual report (also the competing bank) that we should consider!!

Note 13 page 109

Note 11 page 103 (on hedging interest rate and forward)

Note 36 (credit risk) page 157  netting arrangement

interest rate on note 39 page 163

page 22 (comparison with other competitors)

dividend (potential of funding in order to compare with competitor)page 28

credit exposure (from first pages area)

exposure on page 163 (credit risk) focus on discussion area.



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