Complete eight power point slides attach them to the power point

Please add slides to the powerpoint slides attached

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Complete eight power point slides attach them to the power point
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Group PowerPoint Presentation

For the group presentation the class has been divided into groups of four.  Each group has to conduct research on a global issue that threatens the world as a whole.  First establish the exigency. Is the issue you chose really a global threat?

Sources:  You are required to use at-least one source per member, which means if there are four members, you will use four sources to support your argumentative presentation.  Use academic sources. 

Two global issues have been listed below.  You can either choose to present on one of these two issues, or you can choose your own topic. 

Topic (i) Globalization

Is globalization a threat or an advantage?  Conduct your research on how globalization has affected different countries around the world.  Collect data and show evidence to support your claim for or against globalization.

Topic (ii) Food

Are genetically modified foods safe for us? Collect local (U.S.) data about health issues related to modified food, and compare it to the data collected from two different countries that do not allow the use of genetically modified organisms. You might also want to compare the economic data.  Is the genetically modified food cheaper than the food available in the non GMO countries?  Are GMOs costing us more money through medical bills? 

These are some generic questions.  You might want to create your own questions.  Explain the central issues and questions within that area of research and identify various possible paths for more detailed inquiry

This is a group project.  Both, the process (individual contribution), as well as, the product will be graded.  Based on your personal contribution, each member of the team might score a different grade. 

Group members are responsible to divide the work load equally amongst the group.  Each member should contribute towards the research and the construction of the PowerPoint presentation.

The presentation should have a clear thesis statement and conclusion that knits the work of all group members into one whole presentation.  The overall presentation should flow and there should be no choppiness.  

·         Each member of the team is responsible to construct at-least eight argumentative slides; two of these slides will include a visual (Graph/table). 

·         Each member will interpret the collected data/visual in his/her own words. 

·         Each member will cite the sources he or she uses to support the claim.  Add both, in-text citations, as well as, a list of references. 

·         Later, one member of the team will transfer all these citations to a collaborative reference list. 

·         Cite all visuals, data, pictures and text you borrow from the sources.  Anything that is not your creation needs to be cited. 

·         Altogether, depending on how many team members you have, each group will submit eight slides per member.

·         Avoid too much use of textual matter

·         Use formal language. 

·         Presentation should be consistent and easy to follow.  It should make sense without having to read your paper, or without having to ask for an explanation. 

Each slide should have the name of the person who created the slide.  Place the name as a footnote.  If a member did not participate in the creation of the presentation, please do not add that member’s name to the title page. 

Group Visual Presentations due – Oct. 3rd – Monday morning before 6:00 am

Do not forget to fill out the group evaluation form for this week.  It is for a grade. 


Late work will not be accepted. 

Groups will be required to grade the overall performance, participation and contribution of other members within the group.

Grade Distribution:

Final product (Presentation) = 50%

Instructor’s evaluation of group activity = 25%         (10 points for submitting the evaluation form, 10 points for completing all the other work, and 5 points for active participation).

Evaluation of group members = 25%

Presentation Rubric

“Solid” thesis (5) points

Your thesis statement provides a map of your presentation

Exoskeleton (5) points

Each slide has a main point that reflects back on the thesis.

Ideas are presented in a logical order that supports the thesis.


Proper use of data and statistics. Used required number of graphs and charts

(4) Points

Data is properly interpreted (4) points

Ideas flow logically with transitions.  Evidence is also incorporated smoothly into the flow of the presentation.

Tone and language (3) points

You’ve used formal tone and good word choice.  You’ve avoided wordiness.


Title block in APA format (4)

In-text citations and punctuation (4) points

Citations and punctuation conform perfectly to APA.

Reference List (4) points

Complete, accurate list of reference

Grammar (5) points


Used the required type of sources (academic journals, etc).  (4) points

Used the required number of sources (4) points

Used the required number of slides (4) points

Total (50) points

Presentations should be submitted under the name of all group members.

If you have any questions write to me before Thursday, so that I can respond to your questions promptly.


Grades will reflect both the quality of the product and the quality of each student’s participation in the group work process.  


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