Computer forensics-sp21 | Computer Science homework help

You are a digital forensics intern at Azorian Computer Forensics, a privately owned forensics investigations and data recovery firm in the Denver, Colorado area.

Your company creates a quarterly newsletter for its clients, many of which are law enforcement agencies, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. It’s a Tuesday morning and you are sitting in a meeting with the team that produces the newsletter. While everyone is discussing which new section could be added to the newsletter, the senior editor turns to you and asks for your opinion. This is your chance to come up with a brilliant idea! You suggest that the company includes an insert containing contact information for and brief descriptions of government agencies to which computer crimes should be reported. The information would be very helpful to clients and could increase readership. She likes your idea and asks you to create the document. The document should include contact information for:

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Computer forensics-sp21 | Computer Science homework help
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The local police department

The county sheriff’s office

The state police agency

Because the upcoming newsletter issue has several articles on cybercrime in particular, your document should also include the federal investigative law enforcement agencies that handle the following types of Internet-based crime:

Internet fraud and spam

Internet harassment

Create the document, presenting the local, county, and state contact information in one table and the Internet-based crime federal agency information in a second table.


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