Concepts of programming language: building a parser

 This’s a problem for Concepts of Programming Language 

Project on Building a Parser

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Concepts of programming language: building a parser
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Source code can be of C, C++ or Java or Python
There should be Report and Pseudo-code design as well for the project, please read the pdf posted below on how to proceed further.

Also, check the Report i.e. pseudocode format.


Pseudocode must be in the format as instructed below in the attached file and the report consists of four components:

1) Introduction: important ideas and/or data structures you use to build the parser, 2) Pseudo-code: the detailed pseudo-code, 3)Test cases: the test cases with the explanation why you select them. 

The project will be checked how you print the XML-parse tree correctly and how recursive descent parsing works.

Also,  a readme in plain text file format with file name ”readme.txt”. The readme file is about your development environment and how to (compile) and run your program.


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