Concert report | Education homework help


Each student is required to write (three) 3 concert reports during the semester. The reports should be in the form of a review one might find in a newspaper or magazine. The information that you gather should be accurate and include the following: 

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Concert report | Education homework help
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1. A description of the venue where the concert takes place 

2. The name of the group leader, side musicians, and instrumentation 

3. The titles of the selections performed 

4. Your impressions of each piece performed 

5. The dominant style of the music performed 

6. A comparison of two selections in regard to melody, rhythm, improvisation, mood, etc. 

7. A summary 

Reports should be a maximum of two and one half and a minimum of two double spaced pages. Reports should be in no larger than 12 point type. 

Your full name, concert report number, and student number
(example – , Concert Report #1, 900436) must be 

printed on the front page of each report. 

IMPORTANT: A ticket stub, signed program, or receipt, must be attached to the back of each report for the report to receive credit. . .


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