Conduct a search of news reports – creative thinking

Conduct a search of news reports that include business leaders exhibiting creative thinking. Search for a range of reports to get an overview of the types of innovative decisions business leaders have made in recent years. Then select one example to develop your response, addressing the following points. At least 300 Words 

  • Explain the innovative strategy. What makes the decision/behavior creative rather than traditional/status quo?
  • Describe the issue/problem addressed in the decision/behavior.
  • How did the innovative idea impact the overall outcome of the issue/problem?
  • How could the leader’s approach be applied to other organizations, issues, or problems?

Support your response with specific examples from the news report, and illustrate the specific course concepts you relied on to draw your conclusions.

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Conduct a search of news reports – creative thinking
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Post a link to the news report in your reply. At least 300 words 


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