Connection, collaboration, community (3pgs) | English homework help


Connection, Collaboration, and Community

Assignment Overview

Case 1 is an essay in which students will communicate using their own  thoughts, words, and ideas to demonstrate their ability to interpret  text and organize ideas. In addition, the student will demonstrate the  ability to integrate others’ words and ideas coherently into one’s own  writing, using APA Style format.

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Connection, collaboration, community (3pgs) | English homework help
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Students will analyze and interpret the thoughts, words, and ideas of  others, draws conclusions, and solve problems to demonstrate their  ability to think critically and creatively in a disciplined and  evaluative manner.

Case Assignment

The assigned reading/viewing background materials for Module 1  included such thoughts, words, ideas, and/or concepts as poverty,  non-profit, philanthropy, giving, happiness, charity, champion,  altruism, and community.

Select two or more of these societal constructs in which you see some  sort of connection. For example, how is philanthropy connected to  community… happiness connected to giving… or poverty connected to  community? 

In a well-organized and well-supported essay, discuss where, how, and  why that connection exists in our society today. Be sure to provide  specific examples to support your point of view, perhaps your own  experience in your community, at work, or through your own pursuits. On  the other hand, maybe you do not see a connection between many of these  concepts, while there should be. In this case, an essay might address  ways in which society needs to improve as we consider ways to find  connections between these concepts and societal constructs. 

Please note that there is no right or wrong response here, just your  ability to make a point and support it using details and examples from  the readings/viewings as well as your own experience.

A well-organized essay has a beginning, middle, and an end. The  beginning, or introduction, should include an opening sentence to grab  your reader’s attention. Follow the opening sentence with a brief  background to introduce the topic. The last sentence of the introduction  is the thesis statement. The thesis states the main point of the essay,  which in this case, would be the ways in which two or more concepts  resonate. For example,

The principle or practice of altruism on a small (or large) scale can conquer poverty, one individual at a time.

The body (middle) of the essay supports the thesis using points,  details, and examples; the conclusion typically summarizes the main  points of the essay and/or closes with a lasting impression that  connects the reader to their world. 

Be sure to proofread your essay and edit for proper grammar,  punctuation, diction (word choice), and spelling, as errors in sentence  skills will lower a final grade. A grade will be determined based on  the Module 1 Case expectations and the Trident University General  Education rubric for English.
Papers must be double-spaced in Times or Times New Roman font (12 cpi) with standard one-inch margins.

When citing secondary source material within the essay, APA Style citations and a Works Cited page are required.

Assignment Expectations

Write an organized and well-supported essay (no less than three pages  in length) with an original thesis statement that finds connections  among the concepts addressed in Module 1.

Proofread the essay for errors in grammar, diction (word choice), punctuation, and spelling.

Recommended Sources To Use:


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