Consumer health informatics | Computer Science homework help

Think about health information for yourself and your extended network of family and friends. Discuss consumer health informatics touching on the following:

1) Does information flow in an efficient and effective consumer-centric way?  For example, do you have easy access to your own lab results, reports, appointments, immunizations, significant health history, prescriptions/refills online?  
2) Can and do you email your doctor?  
3) If you don’t already access to your electronic health record, try setting up your own electronic personal health record or family health history or   
4) Share your perspectives on persona health records based on relevant readings from the textbook, videos, or other research in addition to personal experience with your own personal health record such as MyHealtheVet, Kaiser’s My Health Manager, or Microsoft HealthVault. 
5) A new initiative is focusing on the health care consumer.    Take a look at this web site.  

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Consumer health informatics | Computer Science homework help
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Overall, Share your thoughts on the value of consumer engagement in health information.


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