Contact -the movie | Reading homework help

  • Do you think scientists and/or more and more people in our “modern” times do NOT believe in God/supreme being? Why or why not?

  • How do you think the deaths of Ellie’s parents affected her study and success in science and/or her disbelief in God?

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    Contact -the movie | Reading homework help
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  • Why do you think someone might be willing to die to possibly make contact with extra-terrestrial life forms?

  • How do you think the awe, love, passion Ellie has for discovery, the universe, science, other possible life forms, etc. compares to a belief, faith, awe in God/supreme being?

  • What do you think of the intelligence needed to present to Ellie a seemingly alive version of her dead father? Why do you think the “Vegans” chose to do that?

  • How does the public not believing her experience relate to Ellie’s not believing in God/supreme being?

  • What does the end of the film suggest about the value of “scientific proof” versus a person’s report of an extremely important experience they can’t prove? What does this suggest about science, religion/faith?

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