Course project – part iii organizational chart (introduction to

This week you are asked to prepare the organization chart for the clinic scenario that was presented in the Course Project Introduction in Week 02.


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Course project – part iii organizational chart (introduction to
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Organizational Charts

An organizational chart depicts the formal structure of an organization in terms of rank. It shows the interrelationships of positions with regards to authority and responsibility. An organizational chart shows the managers and subordinates who make up the organization; thus, span of control and unity of command.

One downfall of organizational charts is that they usually need to be updated regularly, especially in large organizations where staff changes occur frequently. Therefore, it is important to include a date on an organizational chart so that it can easily be determined when it was created.

Three different types of relationships can be expressed on an organizational chart. The first is a line relationship. A line relationship is a direct reporting relationship between a superior and a subordinate. This is usually indicated by a solid, vertical line.

The second is a lateral relationship. A lateral relationship is a relationship between two people or departments on the same hierarchal level. This is usually indicated by a solid, horizontal line.

And third is a staff relationship. A staff relationship does not indicate a direct reporting relationship. Instead, this type of relationship shows employees or groups that service, advise, or support one another. This is usually indicated by a dotted line.

Conduct research to view examples of organizational charts. It is best if these are from health care organizations, but any examples will suffice.

Given the organization presented in the Course Project Introduction in Week 02, construct an organizational chart indicating the appropriate lines of authority and responsibility. Indicate the number of employees reporting to each individual. Include employee title and credentials if known. You should use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to construct your chart. Your chart should fit on a single page.



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