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Part 1)

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Create/respond assignment | English homework help
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Revisit the work you wrote about in your first SEEING assignment(photo uploaded),  and write 150-200 words about how the elements of design, (primarily line, space, value,and color) are used  in artwork. Do not just describe the elements, but state how they  function within the work, what do they do to affect your perceptual  experience. Include another image of the artwork you are analyzing.

Part 2) 

Take a photograph or draw/paint an image where color is the prominent  visual element, then answer the following questions about your image. 

a. What types of colors/ color schemes are being used in your image (monochromatic, primary, analogous, warm, cool, etc.)? 

b. Does the color in the image create a certain mood or  psychologicial feeling? If so, what? This is a subjective question, if  you are having trouble answering, imagine the image and black and white.  When you look at it with color, what changes?

There are 2 rules: No images of sunsets and no images of flowers. These are the most popular images on social media and we’ve all seen plenty of them. 


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