creating a comprehensive evaluation report to include instructional

In addition to reading the Announcements, prepare for this discussion by reading the Required Resources, the Week Six Instructor Guidance, and complete the Comprehensive Evaluation ReportPreview the document for Manuel.

Initial Post: You have had a chance to see how a Comprehensive Evaluation Report can be a powerful tool to help guide the IEP process.  In this discussion, your post will include the completion of the Comprehensive Evaluation Report found in your Week 6 Instructor Guidance.  Post a response with the completed Comprehensive Evaluation Report attached.

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creating a comprehensive evaluation report to include instructional
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Include the following information in your post:

  • Your rationale for your recommendations.
  • The possible consequences of a poorly written Comprehensive Evaluation Report.
  • The possible benefits of a well written Comprehensive Evaluation Report.
  • A statement indicating your plan to insure that Comprehensive Reports that you write will be thorough enough to be beneficial to the student(s) for which they are written.
  • A reflection on what you have learned in the class from your readings, your classmates, and your instructor.  Be sure to include real world personal or professional experiences that relate to the topic under discussion.


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